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San Miguel Middle School Tulsa | Lasallian Education with Smaller Class Size and Individualized Instruction

San Miguel Middle School of Tulsa

About San Miguel School

San Miguel School is dedicated to helping children from challenging environments, regardless of race, nationality or religion, to achieve academic and personal success.

The Goal of Our Mission
A San Miguel education is designed to prepare students for high school and beyond - typically college or vocational training - to help them become productive adults and break the cycle of poverty.

Funding Our Mission
San Miguel is an independent, gratuitous school, meaning 95% of the operating funds come from donations, grants and fundraising. Parents provide a modest “copay” for their child’s education, and contribute to the school by giving their time and talent.
The San Miguel school day and academic year are structured to give students grades 6, 7 and 8, a world of opportunities to learn and thrive. Many students arrive two or more years behind academically. Here’s how their needs are addressed:
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Dedicated faculty
  • Small classes: 12:1 student:teacher ratio
  • Extended school days and 10-month school year
  • Emphasis on language arts and math
  • Emphasis on character building: perseverance, responsibility, positivity and service
  • Holistic approach to forming students’ mind, body and spirit
  • Learning steeped in the Lasallian Catholic tradition

School History

San Miguel Middle School was founded in 2004 by Dr. Curt Adams. Influenced by his Lasallian education at Bishop Kelley High School, he proposed opening a San Miguel school in Tulsa. His doctoral feasibility study asked the question: “where in the city of Tulsa is there a great need for a school dedicated to lifting students out of poverty?”

The study indicated an overwhelming need in the area surrounding Lewis Avenue and Admiral Boulevard, the Kendall Whittier neighborhood. Under Dr. Adams’ leadership, San Miguel Middle School was opened with one sixth grade class of twenty-five students.
The school was first located in the basement of St. Francis Xavier Church. A grade was added each of the following two years to complete the middle school targeted enrollment of seventy-five students. In 2014, a new, freestanding San Miguel School was built across the street from the church.

A Catholic school in the educational tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle, San Miguel Middle School of Tulsa is one of fourteen independent San Miguel schools in the United States.

For information about St. John Baptist de La Salle, Lasallian education, or San Miguel schools, go to https://www.lasallian.info.

For more information about donations to our school, please call 918-728-7337






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  • Kevin Diggins
  • Anna Deripaska
  • Alba Felton
  • Robin Hoefling
  • Julie Loveland
  • Jonathan Martinez
  • Roonie Leittern-Murrell
  • Joe Murrell
  • Cheryl West
  • Allison Uhren


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  • Jerri Berna--Educator/Coach, Bishop Kelley High School
  • Katie Boudreau--Educator
  • Tyler Frakes--Land Manager, BRG Energy, Inc.
  • Joe Griffin--CEO, Intensity Midstream, LLC
  • Jeff Heckenkemper--Investor
  • Dennis Ingram--President, Arkoma Power
  • Mike Ledbetter--Sanguine Gas Exploration
  • David Limekiller--GableGotwals Law Firm
  • Louis Medina--Executive Vice President, Blue Sky Bank
  • Fr. Duy Nguyen--Chaplain, Bishop Kelley
  • Bob Sullivan--Owner, Sullivan Oil Company
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Advisory Board

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  • Dr. Curt Adams
  • Angela Bellville
  • Kathleen Brulc
  • CarolineDevonshire
  • Erin Donovan
  • Lawrence Doyle
  • Eric Marshall
  • Meilissa Minshall Paulsen
  • Alan Staab
  • Michael Tramontana

Enrollment Information

Admission to San Miguel is based on economic and educational need. Families must qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program to enroll in San Miguel Tulsa, therefore each student qualifies for scholarship financial aid. (more detail regarding an application and FACT forms are available for parents at the school office). You can also visit the FACTS website for more information. ​

The application and admission process will begin on November 15 and conclude on May 14th. Applications may be requested by calling the school office at 918-382-9096.


Contact Us

San Miguel Middle School
2444 E. Admiral Blvd.
Tulsa, OK 74110

School Office: 918-382-9096
Business Office: 918-728-7337